Felted Bee Hive Egg Cosy

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A supersized egg cosy perfect for all the chocolate Easter egg lovers. Each egg cosy is made using needle felting techniques, with any detailing hand-stitched on. This egg cosy is hollow and made from biodegradable materials.

Type: Standing Decoration (Hollow, opening at base)
Dimensions: 17cm tall x 14cm wide
Material: 100% wool

Inquisitarium was founded on the belief that children learn through play and that toys and books have the power to spark wonder and cultivate a curious personality. We love sourcing the best toys that provide a sensory experience or teach the child something valuable. We are also completely addicted to children's books; our favourites are the beautifully illustrated ones with factual details seamlessly woven into a good bedtime story.

The name 'inquisitarium' aims to create a feeling of place for the sense of being inquisitive, curious and questioning about the universe. It also sounds like a terrarium, which fits wonderfully with our efforts to be green.

We are constantly learning about what it is to have an eco-friendly and sustainable business, and subsequently adapting our business processes and approach to product design and packaging to limit our environmental impact.

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