Clay Ocarina

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Clay ocarinas are fairly easy to play and are even taught in UK schools. Just blow through the small hole at the front and gently cover the holes on the back and front of the ocarina, lift the fingers to create different notes. Have fun and experiment. Each one is stunningly hand-painted and Can also be worn around the neck (though this is not recommended for children).

These ocarinas are strung with faux suede so you can hang them up when not in use. Hand painted with patterns that vary. 

These are made out of the same clay material that a plant pot could be made of so they are breakable and any use with children should be supervised. 


Mini: 5cm

Standard: 10cm

Inquisitarium was founded on the belief that children learn through play and that toys and books have the power to spark wonder and cultivate a curious personality. We love sourcing the best toys that provide a sensory experience or teach the child something valuable. We are also completely addicted to children's books; our favourites are the beautifully illustrated ones with factual details seamlessly woven into a good bedtime story.

The name 'inquisitarium' aims to create a feeling of place for the sense of being inquisitive, curious and questioning about the universe. It also sounds like a terrarium, which fits wonderfully with our efforts to be green.

We are constantly learning about what it is to have an eco-friendly and sustainable business, and subsequently adapting our business processes and approach to product design and packaging to limit our environmental impact.

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