Bee Life Cycle Pack, Digital Resource


This pack includes a variety of resources about the bee life cycle along with some skill-focused pieces that fit in with the bee theme. This set is great to use as part of Honey Bee week if you are following the Exploring Nature With Children (ENWC) Curriculum. See below for a full list of everything that is included. The idea is to print off the parts that you need right now (e.g., print the letter practice strips if you are currently working on hand-writing). 

 - Anatomy poster

 - Spinning life cycle wheel

 - Flash cards for life cycle images and information to match

 - 3-part name/image/description cards to match

 - Life cycle postcard

 - Honey bee information postcard

 - Life cycle bookmark

 - Letter practice strips

 - Counting mat, counters, number tokens

 - Counting prompt question strips

 - Sequence strips

 - Scissor snip strips

 - Themed piece of art with information

 - Themed photos as discussion prompts

This is a digital resource so you will download the pack to print at home or send to a local/online printers. Due to the nature of digital resources, they are not eligible for a refund after purchase.

Please note that the books and life cycle figures shown in the photos are for reference only and are not included in your purchase. If you would like to find and purchase those items separately then the figures are a life cycle set by Safari Ltd and I have listed the books below:

Are You A Bee? by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries

Bug Hotel, by Clover Robin

Usborne Look Inside The World of Bees, by Emily Bone and Jean Claude

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